No Place Like Home

It was a typical Miami day in the tropics.  The rain was pounding outside quenching the thirst of the newly planted landscape at 8450 North Bayshore Drive (click here for details).  The sun to make its appearance later in the day to warm everything up again.  We were graciously invited to spend the morning with the Haime Family, Dan, Laurie, son Liam and dog Mochi, in their newly listed home.  This spacious turn-key family home is listed currently for $1,100,000.  It features 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, two-car garage, state of the art kitchen and lastly a Miami must-have, a pool.  This authentic Miami home is tucked away in an enclave of the Biscayne Suburbs called Davis Harbor.  Davis Harbor is a quaint mixture of waterfront and dry lots located on NE 84th through NE 87th Street East of 10th Avenue. 

After listing this beautiful piece of property, we found ourselves wondering why homeowners choose to live where they live and why they choose to move.  We asked Laurie, professional home stager and small business owner of Piper + Grey Interiors, a few pertinent questions that we thought were worth sharing the answers!

In between belly laughs with Liam and multiple treats for Mochi to get her to sit quietly, we asked Laurie, why she loved living in Miami, especially being from one of the most fabulous cities in the world, Paris, France.  Her answer was simple.  “You get a little bit of everything living in Miami” as she laughed at the question.  “The comforting warmth of the sun year-round, the vast exposure of art and culture everywhere you go, choices of restaurants is now unbeatable, and the water. It’s paradise.”  We would also agree!

As the morning went on, Liam wanted to show us some of his baking skills, so we moved into their gorgeous kitchen to bake!  “One of the top three activities to do at the Haime residence would be cooking in the kitchen as a family.”  Laurie said proudly as she laughed at Liam spilling flour everywhere.  “Daily walks at dusk down by the bay is a close second followed by Sunday BBQ’s by the pool.”  We could easily envision this leisure Miami lifestyle after just one day at this home.  


Home Staging like a pro!

Quick Tips from Laurie Haime with

Piper + Grey Interiors

Tip #1: Freshen up with throw pillows. Remember to choose between either mixing colors or patterns. If you choose to mix colors, stick with one pattern in different colors.  If you choose to mix patterns, choose the same color tones and mix up your patterns.

Tip #2: While making a king size bed, try three European square pillows side by side for a nice base. Layer in a few accent pillows such as a lumbar or two small 16” squares.  Check out how I made my bed while staging my home for our listing photoshoot. 


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  1. Nancy Sullivan says:

    I am still basking in the glory of our last meeting when you helped us design our dream rooms. It was so energizing, yet it made me feel so serene and relaxed; better than a shrink.
    Can’t wait for the next adventure. Loved the girls, loved the food and loved your mother. You girls are a great team!

    Many thanks for your kindness,

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