Ode to Summer

The sun is out, the grill is hot and we are ready to cook up somethin’ special!

On a warm summer’s evening, twelve very special guests joined us for our very first cooking series workshop, Ode to Summer, presented by Mclaney + Butler All Things Home and Chef Julia Doyne with iCanCook.  A cherry red “Ode to Summer” punch was ladled from a vintage punch bowl for each of our guests surely to quench their thirst as they awaited the evening’s festivities.  Old friends, new friends and everyone in between, our guest list was an excited group of Miamians ready to indulge in a culinary experience.

First up, a presentation by Zach Bamman, renowned fisherman and wildlife expert, on properly filleting a freshly caught fish. Each guest suited up for a hands-on tutorial with their own 2 pound Snapper.  In the meantime, another group of sous-chef’s chopped, diced, minced and julienned to prepare the cioppino, a fish stew containing clams and mussels. Fresh sourdough bread, courtesy of Zac the Baker, lay sliced ready for grilling. While bearing the heat of the grill and the summer night, grilling 101 was attended by all as they diligently watched Chef Doyne demonstrate the proper way to grill a piece of fish to perfection!

Last on the agenda, time to feast!  After bonding over the intimate pastime of cooking, we all sat down to enjoy the meal we prepared.  The atmosphere was lively, likely due to a mixture of punch and the bounty of accomplishments, and the appetites were fierce.  Dinner was served family style paired with fresh summer wines and crusty sourdough bread straight from the grill.  Conversation was vibrant and table-wide. Invitees left as friends and friends left with a new experience in which to reminisce.  All in all, a success for our very first workshop!

Till next time, Bon Appetite!


Place Mat

Waterford Silverware

Classic Cotton Napkin

French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

White Dinner Plate

Madeleine Side Chair


Clusia Table Runner and Place Cards

One of our favorite things about entertaining is finding new and innovative ways to decorate!  We love to utilize the beautiful South Florida greenery that surrounds us year round!  One plant in particular is the clusia major, a native species that is hearty and robust with the most delightful shades of green to compliment any arrangement.  We chose to create a table runner by clipping branches from our clusia hedge that lines the garden.  Using garden twine, we layered in some Italian ruscus and goldenrod for color.  Once placed on the table, we sprinkled in some fresh lemons for a complimentary pop of vibrant color and texture.

Photo Aug 02, 3 51 31 PM

What to do with all of these lonely clusia leaves fallen from their branches?  Well, create place cards of course!  Luckily these thick leaves make for a nice clean surface to write in your guest’s names.  We used a white chalkboard pen that allowed for the name to stand out.  No matter how big or small your dinner party, we always suggest assigned seating.  This is a gracious way to accommodate guests, eliminate confusion and keep the party flowing smoothly.

Photo Aug 03, 5 17 36 PMPhoto Aug 03, 5 18 35 PMPhoto Aug 03, 5 33 24 PM




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