The Art of Natural Living

The transformation truly began the moment our guests arrived to this beautiful Miami Shores home.  The night was cool which allowed us to open the windows and smell the breeze.  The air smelled of lavender and rosemary oil that was being diffused on a windowsill in the dinning room.  Guests enjoyed some yummy vegan fare and sipped on lemon infused filtered water for the ultimate hydration.


Lead by Ashley Clary (click here) with The Healing Elephant, it was a small gathering of 9; however, that allowed for a very interactive workshop filled with questions and real life applications.  Guests were ready to learn all there was to learn in three hours about water, air, energy and sleep.

The evening ended with a hands-on tutorial on how to make buckwheat hull eye masks infused with natural herbs and essential oils for the ultimate night’s sleep.  Clearly the highlight of the evening! 

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