The Best Kept Secret in the Biscayne Suburbs

Who likes vacation?  If you uttered the word no, stop reading, but if you are one of the majority that answered yes to that question, allow us to introduce to you, Quayside.  Tucked away in the Northern section of the Biscayne corridor, NE 107th street and Biscayne Blvd to be exact, many pass this diamond in the rough dozens of times a day without even a glance.  Though it may be hard to avoid a quick gaze at the cascading water falls at the entrance or the tree lined street that leads to some elite and undisclosed location that causes one to say, “what’s back there?”.  Wonder no more as we welcome you through the gates and lush landscaping into the world of Quayside. 

Tranquil, lush, peace, quiet, friendly and safe.  These are the adjectives Cathy Imburgia with Imburgia Realty, resident, realtor and Quayside expert, uses to describe Quayside.  We caught up with Cathy to get an authentic perspective of what an honor it truly is to be a Quaysider.


One of the many things that Cathy loves about living within these gates is you are never further than a stones throw from a friendly face.  Quayside residents are always out and about on the property walking their dog, headed to the gym, out for a stroll in the marina or headed to happy hour at Sneakers Bar & Grill.  You are always greeted with a smile and wave hello.

The property boasts amenities that will surely not disappoint.  On its 34 acres, yes 34 ACRES, Quayside is home to a state of the art gym and spa that includes tennis and racket ball courts, indoor lap pool and sauna and steam rooms.  With their in-house facialist and massage therapist on call, a spa day is never a challenge to arrange.  For the youngsters in the family, Quayside offers tennis clinics for all ages, a basketball court for pick up games and toddler playground for the little ones.  Just about everyone in Quayside is an animal lover so many congregate with their four legged family members while out for a walk or on the properties private dog park. Another must-see is the sunset from the pier in the marina after a Happy Hour gathering at one of the two private restaurants.   “There is just something for everyone.” Cathy confirms.  In addition to all of these wonderful attributes, residents enjoy unobstructed bay views and 24 hour security.  This leaves us with one question, why are we all not living in Quayside? 

Cathy and Lou Imburgia invited us into their newly renovated penthouse in tower 4 to show us how truly wonderful it is to live above the twinkling lights of the city below.


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Now that you have seen beyond the gates of Quayside, we want to know, are you intrigued? Wouldn’t you like to embrace this friendly, carefree and healthy lifestyle that just seems to appeal to the masses? We are left speechless with the array of gifts the Quayside comes bearing.  We have nothing left to say than, yes please! 

Please enjoy the details of two of Cathy’s listings that we would like to feature.  The Bayfront Townhome is one of eighteen exclusive units offered in Quayside with unique bay views and each unit accompanied by a boat slip.  Cathy’s listing achieved the highest price in the shortest amount of time on the market! Visit for more information.





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