Water Water Everywhere

From the depths of the ocean feeding into Biscayne Bay, then trickling down the canals and rivers deep into the city, you do not need to travel far to reach some body of water.  So much in fact, in the 1800’s, 72nd Street was home to the Biscayne House of Refuge to provide care for those who were shipwrecked.  Though, we are long from the days of being abandoned at sea, we sure do like to relish in it’s beauty.
Waterfront living is a major draw for home-buyers looking to settle in with spectacular bay views in the Biscayne Suburbs. Whether you are front and center with multiple shades of blue as your backyard, or you are nestled on one of the many canals that slither up and down the streets of Miami Shores and Belle Meade, waterfront is where it’s at.  To bask in bay front beauty, you are looking at an average price per square foot anywhere from $630.95 to $1,242.24!  Far cry from the average dry lot sale hovering around $300 per square foot.  Those who crave the salty air in the Biscayne Suburbs definitely require somewhat of a deep pocket.
The real sought after lifestyle is reminiscent of an endless field of green grass cascading down to 100+ feet of seawall.  The homes were set back on the property to allow for an impressive backyard and entertaining space including an oversized pool featuring the long lost diving board.  However, the typical mid century modern split level has turned into a concrete jungle boasting nothing but zero lot line building.  The more we see this happening, the more we want to share with you those waterfront gems that bring yesterdays delights and today’s necessities together in the most perfect way.

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